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Natural Language Software Registry

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Application Form
"; ?> If you have written a system dealing with natural language, and if you want to contribute to the ACL Natural Language Software Registry, please fill in the following form and submit it. Some of the fields must be completed ("URL", "Name", "Author(s)", "Affiliation", "Description", "Abstract", "Mail").

The system checks if all the mandatory slots of the submitted form have been completed: and if not, it presents the user with a list of the non-filled mandatory fields, without leading back to the whole submission form. Some fields require text-input, and in other cases the user can just select one or more of the predefined values in a field (more than one choice is possible). The information you put or select in the various fields will be stored in a database and can later be accessed (see the item "queries" in the menu bar).

If some of your specifications are not present in the list of predefined values for a field, please add this information in the field "others". The Registry Team will then add the missing values to the set of predefined values for this field. Some explanations to the slots to be filled or to the buttons to be activated are given at the right margin.

general information 
name of the system  
abstract very short description of your product to be displayed at the section level
location of the system 
url URL where visitors can get more information about the software.
 to negotiate
Please click at least one of the three options "Academic", "Multiple User" or "Commercial".

The default value for the pricing of each distribution category is "free".

If you want to mention a fixed price, please introduce it in the corresponding field and specify the currency further down in this section of the submission formular.

 multiple user  
 to negotiate
 to negotiate
all prices in 
specific information 
operating system(s)  
mimetypes (in)  
mimetypes (out)  
tagsets (in)  
tagsets (out)  
languages (in)  
languages (out)  
execution location  
execution location url/binary:  
required software  
" . strtolower($row[name]) . "  
others if some value is missing
for some slots,
please fill this field
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